Our Story - What brought us here?





We are a creative team with a rather Utopian view of the world. Fatigued by broken umbrellas, and having no better solution for a wet winters day we started our investigation Rain is one of those unpredictable occurrences  in urban life where nature has her  way. Often frowned upon by busy city dwellers. Through our designs we want to give people a sense of lighthearted joy as they walk through the rain uninterrupted. In the midst of climatic changes we would like to celebrate every natural shower in urban environments, depicting the graceful aesthetics of dancing in the rains.

It took us two years to make it as circular as possible. We use recycled materials, even recycled zippers and cords. Our production takes place in Italy keeping in mind the highest fashion standards. We treat rainwear like it deserves, to be worn all round the year and last a lifetime.